Modica: Sale e Pepe

I was going to write this as a gastronomic pastiche of the greatest moments of Salt-n-Pepa’s career…then I realised there were none so it would be impossible; no, no debating on this one, none, nada.

So, let’s talk about Senapo baby,
Let’s talk about it…..

It was on the menu again last night at our second visit to Sale e Pepe. I hope I have written it correctly..I understand it is some sort of wild mustard plant and can make you painfully ill if susceptible. Ok then, tuck in.

We like this place for a number of reasons:

1. The proprietor looks like a man who really likes his food; enough said
2. They open at 6-30 which means family dinners are easy
3. They don’t have a menu per se, he tells you what they are cooking that day and what is fresh.

Last night we had:

– pasta with senapo, spicy sausage, pomodoro secco and a sprinkle of chili flakes;
– lolli di fave: this is a soupy, pasta thing that is very winter orientated….so Mr Big told us as he corkscrewed his forefinger into his cheek…meaning “tastes goooooood”
– the girls had plain old gnocchi sardi with tomato sauce.

We followed this up with:

– involtini di vitello, an orange salad with capers, olives, spring onions and flakes of chili
– the girls had veal steak and inhaled it.

Oh yes, we also had a sort of frittata….spinach, egg, cacciocavalo cheese and prosciutto baked in the oven as a contorno and some stuffed mushrooms.

Very very happy with all of this; so happy we ordered a takeaway portion of eggplant parmigiana….which I have just eaten for lunch it was truly delicious. Just fried eggplant slices, tomato, egg and cheese…..baked.

To top it all off we nipped around the corner to Pasticceria Cappello and had a few little dessert treats. I had one made from carob flour, the girls (times 3) shared mini bacio biscuits stuffed with chocolate and a small delight made from almond paste and strawberry!!!!

Today we rest!

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3 Responses to Modica: Sale e Pepe

  1. boot12 says:

    Just down the road in Pozzallo, might have to jump on a bus and try it. :-)

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